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What are the Symptoms?



The list below contains symptoms most common with Menkes Disease and is not an exhaustive list.

Individual children may not display all of the symptoms listed and it is not an automatic indication that children who do show any of the symptoms listed have Menkes, as a lot of the symptoms may appear for a great number of differing reasons.

If you are concerned or unsure, please speak to your family Doctor.

n Kinky hair (short, sparse, coarse and twisted hair).

n Failure to meet development milestones.

n Weak and low muscle tone (Hypotonia).

n Seizures.

n Autonomic Dysfunction.

n Irritability.

n Feeding difficulties.

n Low body temperature.

n Frequent urinary tract infections (Bladder Diverticula).

n Respiratory difficulties.

n Deterioration of the neurological system.

n Mild T cell immune deficiency resulting in significant chest infections.

n Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disease.

n Hernia.

n Weak, brittle bones.

n Metabolic Acidosis NEC.

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